Moving from visitor to member

Evangelism, remember, is the sharing the story of God in our life and inviting other to have the same experience.  Sitting in the church on Sunday morning isn’t our goal – discipleship is our goal.

Your church should have a plan for assimilating people and encouraging their growing faith.  You can have a formal catechumenate program, or have peer mentors (anam cara) or regular newcomer get-togethers/classes or one-on-ones with the pastor.  But you need to have something thought out.  They will not pick it up through osmosis or by letting the worship wash over them – you need to teach them.  Not having anything doesn’t make you seem welcoming, it makes it seem like faith isn’t really important to you after all.


Be clear about the expectations of membership in the community –

they won’t take faith seriously if you don’t!


For a sample welcoming rite for new members to be used in worship: download this pdf

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