Prepare Yourself

What is the purpose of a church?

Why does anyone bother with church might be a better way to get at the question.  And people come to church for many reasons; some noble and some probably not.  But whether you are here to encounter God, to meet your friends or to sing in the choir; for all of the above or none of those, all of us (hopefully) value the church and want it to thrive.

But whatever our personal desire or connection to the church, the church’s purpose is rooted in the life of Jesus, a first century Jewish man whom we understand to be, in some mysterious way, directly connected to and part of God, the creator and sustainer of our living world.

Think about why you go to church, what God means to you.  What is it that means the most to you about your faith life?  Maybe it’s the sense of purpose, maybe it’s the light shining through your favorite stained-glass window, maybe its singing in the choir, or setting up the altar, or serving others at the monthly dinner or maybe it’s one of a million other aspects or experiences one encounters in the life of Christian community.

When we’re evangelizing, this is what we’re inviting people into.  It’s ok if you’re not a theological scholar or Bible expert.  You ARE an expert in your own experience though, you just need to share that. When we’re inviting someone to church, share with them what it is you love about it or what it has meant to you.  Remember we aren’t inviting people to accept the whole weight of Christianity we’re asking them to be risk themselves enough to participate in some aspect of the church’s life and to see for themselves what it’s about and hopefully, encounter the living Christ.  Figure out what faith means to you and share that with confidence.